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Another new addition to our website.   We've had so many questions regarding our love for this wonderful, and historic, children's home, that we decided a little insight here would be appropriate.    In the meantime, and until we get our act together, you can always check out the real thing at www.bethesdahomeforboys.net

The Bethesda Home for Boys was founded in 1740 -- certainly the oldest children's home in the U.S., and quite possibly in the world.    It's a magic spot -- 650 acres, 110 head of Polled Herefords, and now our new Eckburg Learning Center, which enables us to provide a complete high school experience on campus.

We are blessed to have Dr. David Tribble as our Executive Director, and visionary!    Here we are admiring the sculpture commissioned by our Alumni to commemorate the opening of our new school.

(Click on smaller pictures to enlarge)

Geography in the classroom

Round Ball time!

Learning Photo skills

"That's my Calf !"

Comfort in the Chapel

Christmas Service

The new Eckburg Learning Center, opened in the fall of 2004, and we had the first High School graduation service in 265 years in June of this year.    Four fine young men  - - - all now enrolled in their first year of college.    Also a first!

More to come on Bethesda, but take a moment to peruse the website at www.bethesdahomeforboys.net


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