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Glenwood is a family spot that was purchased by Patty's great-grandfather in 1878.    It's situated on Owasco Lake, one of the finger lakes in upstate New York.    A great place to gather with family and friends.    This past July (2006), we were fortunate to get the entire gang together again, as we did in 2005.    You'll remember that last year we were able to get 'em to stand still long enough for the  photo below!    We'll do it again next year.   I wasn't too active with the camera this year, but did get a few that reflected some of the activity in 2006.    BUT WAIT!*


*   Hot off the  press of Tracey McManus is the 2009 shot of our gang lurking around our Kayak at Glenwood - - -

A few shots from 2006 - - - and then we'll come back and update everything!!!

Want to see a little more of Glenwood?   Here's a quick tour, and then we'll catch some action shots!    The Beach House, The Big House, Meadow Cottage, and inside the Beach House, including a sedate dinner with the kids!

Lots of fun with the Idaho Ulmers, the Michigan Anglims, and the Michigan Letchworths (worthy keepers of the Big House!)

Practice Pose     Real Thing

Well, that was some of the action in 2005.    I'll have to dig out the action shots from 2004, when the Ruppert gang dropped in for a little reunion.   Just to tide you over until I can lay my hands on those shots, here are two of my favorites that just happen to be available:

     Jakey & Billy        The Beef Trust

With those as openers, bet you can't wait for the rest - - - - - -

You may have to wait - - I'm still looking for those shots!

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