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October 1 - October 7, 2001

As some of you know, I elected to take the day off on Monday, 10/1.   Well, after all, it's a holiday in Western Australia - The Queen's Birthday, so why shouldn't I celebrate it, too?!  Truth be known, I was bushed (already), and since my next leg was about 750 km, I felt the need for a little rest, as well as a chance to catch up on this old website.  (A few flowers just outside my room -- adds a little color!) 

-- and toss in a Gum tree and you're in business!

So, I sleep in, and then head out early Tuesday AM from Exmouth for Port Hedland.    This could be a pretty boring drive, except that everything is a new experience for me, so I'm anything but bored.   (Besides, I brought along all my old Barbershop tapes, and I never sounded better!)   This is really road kill alley (I've elected not to add shots that would give you the picture -- grandkids might not quite get it!), but it was a tough night on roos, and later on I saw my first steer road kill.   Before the day was out, I had counted 9 or 10 head of cattle, some probably in the 900 - 1200 lb. range that appeared to have been done in the night before.    Tough, but these are big herds, and while you see road grates occasionally, they are pretty much free ranging.

This is barren country, and this was one of the few lightly fenced areas, but lo and behold, there were a few rivers with water.   Very few, and by the way, today we were in 4 meter stick country (That's 13 feet, folks!)   No, Brett, I won't ford 13 feet!

(If you can't get turned on by this country, you've got something else coursing thru your veins!)   An occasional butte makes the scene -

- and you want to talk about appropriate signage?


This is our road, Jack, and don't you forget it!

Lots of brush land -

- and then we start to get the notorious (this time of year) bush fires

Fortunately, my man Brett has prepared me for these -

This one's a little too close for comfort!   Anyway, we have these for the next couple of days.   They are really taking a toll!

 I really enjoy my stop in Broome.   I hit the beach for a sunset stroll with my new friend Ghan -

He never knew what hit him, and then he got all 21 stones!

- and meet the Camel Gang!

Sunset, from the back of Ghan!

We also have a special treat, the stair steps to the moon!   It only occurs on certain full moons during the year!   (Sorry!)

I haven't learned  to do Australian moons, yet!

But -- here's how it should look!


We call this next one "Fat Boy against an Aussie Blue Sky"  Cheers!

No Worries!   Things will pick up!  :)


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