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October 1 - October 7, 2001

(Week 2 Continued)

Broome is a booming tourist town, but I move on to Derby, where, among other things, I've arranged to charter a plane to fly over the Buccaneer Archipelago, Point Leveque, One Arm Point, and the Horizontal Falls.   The latter is a little like the reversing falls at The Bay of Fundy (see nspei).   The 11-12 meter tides here are 2nd only to BOF.   With the incredible tides, obviously come swift currents, and with the thousands of islands and shoals, along with the occasional typhoons, this is one of the most challenging areas in the world to navigate.   I also want you to know  that this was Chuck Lehr's idea, too.   The guy can sure spend my money!!

On the way to Derby, I get to see my first Boab trees.    They are fascinating, and they get a lot bigger than I realized.

-- and here's the famous Prison Boab.   They actually used to keep Aborigines prisoner in these! 

Enough of trees.   Meet my pilot, Dave Game, and his wife, Melissa, who is a nurse, but also a licensed pilot.   You'll never meet two nicer Aussies, and Dave gave me a wonderful flying experience, and what a unique perspective of this part of this awesome country!

- and then those fires!  Here's how they start --

-- and unfortunately, here's how they can end!

I took many more, but I'm afraid I'll lose you.   It's a beautiful way to see some spectacular country -- and all the time, in the very capable hands of Captain Dave Game.   Thanks, Dave (and Melissa!).


(and thanks to Chuck, too!   A great idea!)

No Worries!   Things will pick up!  :)

---and they do!   Although there's no way that I can continue to pump pictures in to this week.   I've already overloaded the circuit!   But then I've got to give you a little feel for the Kununurra area, the Ord River, and the largest manmade Lake in Australia, Argyle Lake.   Thanks to a tip from Brett, I hook into a little cruise on these bodies of water that lasts all day, and ends up with one of those great Western Australia, East Kimberleys sunsets.    See if you can spot the occasional freshwater crocks that appear, subtlety, in a couple of these shots:

See him?


OK - can you spot one of those crazy Bower birds?  (Look dead in the center - talk about camoflage!)

-- or how about a colony of 3000 Black Flying Foxes, or do you prefer Fruit Bats?  Don't knock 'em, they polinate all those flowering trees!

-- and then how about an Argyle Lake sky and sunset?

The end of a perfect week!


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