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                                Week 3 (Sun Jan 25 thru Sat Jan 31)

With John "in hospital" in Perth, and with everything else to contend with, Julie still insists on our staying with her at "Innamincka", and makes the incredibly comfortable "Pool Cottage" our home for the next few days.    On top of all that -- she serves as superb hostess, cook and beach and bush guide!    This converted "Kiwi" does it all -- and does it great!!

                          Innamincka, Grass Tree Girls, The View!, Pool Cottage

Julie & John are both golfers, but prefer playing in the morning.   Afternoons things can get a bit too crowded.


Roos must also abide by the rules, Looking for a 4th, Julie asks if we can play through!

The Dunsborough area is surrounded by spectacular beach and bush views, to include the grass tree (black boy) meadows, Eagle Bay, and Yallingup.

Monday, the 26th of January dawns, and it's Australia Day!   Julie's son, Drew, and his family are on holiday in the area, and Drew and his son, Jordan, drop in for a swim with their mates, Zoey, Martin and Hillary.   "Granny Ju" not only provides the pool and ice cream for Jordan, but a little Aloe Vera treatment for her "little boy" as well!

FINALLY Julie is able to shoo us out of there on Tuesday, and we head south to Cape Leeuwin, so that Patty can see the southwestern most point of Australia,  where The Indian Ocean on Australia's west coast meets The Southern Ocean on the south coast.   On the way, we go thru Eucalypt forests, and wine country before reaching Augusta, and the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse.   Those of you who remember my last swing around this part of Australia will remember that I was able to talk my way (even though it was "officially closed") to the top last time -- no need this time, as my partner decided to pass on the climb.   It's even a great view from the base!

We're now officially on WA's beautiful southern coast, one of my very favorite areas of all of Australia, and one that I've been anxious for Patty to experience - particularly the town of Esperance, and the magic of Cape Le Grand/Lucky Bay.    There are a couple of stops along the way -- one that Julie has insisted that we experience!   That is a boat trip in Walpole with a young bloke by the name of Paul Muir.    We call ahead, on her advice, to make a "booking".   (As it turns out, we're glad we did!)

We head for Walpole, where we'll spend the night, take a short jaunt out to the home of the giant Red Tingle and Karri trees.    (See Australia 2001 for "The Tree Top Walk)

We spot Kela & Lloyd's place on the way, then Patty in a still living, though hollowed out, Giant Karri, and finally the writer is captured - we call it "bushed in the bush"!   Had a great meal at The Top Deck Cafe, and the same guy who looked bushed above got back into training with some "Sticky Toffee Pudding"!!

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