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OK - - for you folks (particularly you Aussies) who have been following the antics of The Bushman from Perth (see below!), you're going to love the 2006 edition (with the great ADDITION of Morgan!!) - -

Above - Margaret, Morgan & Brett   (obviously he took a break from farming roses long enough to get the family started!!)


July 2004

Here's to 50 great years of marriage, and a great family to prove it!   From L-R granddaughter Candace Walton serves the honorees, my sister and brother-in-law, Link & Sally Lundell, while Patty & I barge in to the picture with their daughter Susan Sloan, son Bill, and daughter Sharon Walton, and her husband, Richard.    This was an early celebration of their 50th Wedding Anniversary (actually will take place in October) at the Roycroft Inn, in East Aurora, NY -  home to their wedding reception 50 years ago!

Miscellaneous means just that!    Until I can get my man Paul to show me a few more tricks, this will be the repository for any number of subjects, pictures, (we needed someplace to place people like the Rupperts, and the Widder Osenbaugh!) - - - so it just means you'll have to scroll a bit to see what wonderful surprises lurk under "Misc"!


Just wanted to add a picture I discovered of my mentor, and a couple of his mates.   He has a new one now!

1/9/04 Bulletin

While flying out to LA, & reviewing a few candid shots of family, we were prompted to add a few shots to give this site a little more of a family flavor.

As an example, here's Patty's younger sister Barby, with her highly trained Oral Surgeon husband, Tip, doctoring up one of his tough steaks.

---- and here are the Murray "kids" with their best pals (and spouses!), and old Bob snuck in with them!

Now, here's a shot many of you have been clamoring for -

- - you're right!    It's Mary Osenbaugh, along with Jake & Min Ruppert.   This fivesome has been responsible for a good deal of trouble, ever since Dwight went out for cigarettes!

OK --- Here's an update on that old Bushman from Perth, now tamed and living in Massachusetts!    We had the pleasure of catching up with that old married couple at their new home in Lancaster, MA on 6/29 & 6/30/03.

That old Aussie is farmin' roses!

-- and still smooth talkin' the Barrett girls!

The Barrett-Barton Wedding

(Cape Cod 12/9/01)

The Aussie/Yankee Connection!

We're a little late with the few pics from my digital camera -- but you'll get the idea!    It was a great happening, with great folks from all over!

Da, Da, Ta Da!

Ta, Da!

OK - they did it!

Now, here are a few shots from the pre-game and post-game celebrations.   A really good SHEWWW!

The OLD Aussie Gang!

The YOUNG Aussie Gang!

The Barrett girls -- in all their splendor!

The GREAT Danes make the scene!

The handsome McCormick contingent!

The "A" Table!

David, Gwen & the guy who finds it tough to leave Mum!

OK!  Listen Up!  Here's the way this marriage will work!

Right, Mum??


*  *  *  *  *  *  *


A Mexican Send Off !   9/21/01

Keeping the home fires burning!

--- or something!!


              Bob & Mike - Glenwood 2001


Showtime from Glenwood!   Summer 2001

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