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Nova Scotia #1             Nova Scotia #2         Prince Edward Island

NOVA SCOTIA -- "for Doers & Dreamers"


That's what they say here - and we may well have found a rival with Australia and New Zealand for great folks!

We take The Cat from Bar Harbor, Maine to Yarmouth, NS and in less than 3 hours we're there.   The Cat, which can carry up to 900 passengers (we had 554 aboard), and 250 vehicles (we had 131) travels at a comfortable 45 knots (a little over 50 MPH for you landlubbers).   Pretty typically, it's a bit gray when we arrive, but we had smooth seas.   Since we were up at 5:30 AM to insure we got to the ferry in time for its 8 AM departure, and lose an hour in the trip, it's obviously time to taste what NS has to offer in the food department!   We opt to head out of Yarmouth for the little coastal town of Woods Harbour.

First, I must point out that Nova Scotians have an impressive way of making you feel welcomed !  (I must also admit that a small piece of paper was used to separate the "B" from the "U")

Our first meal in Nova Scotia!   OK -- it may not look like a 5 Star restaurant, but if there is such a thing, his scallops (from his own boat!) were 6 Star!   If we find more Captain Wayne's on this trip, I'm coming back at about 25 stones!



Nova Scotians don't all use a boat.   ("I caught two pretty good ones, but I put 'em back.  They'll be a lot better next year!")

But most do -- and gray, drizzling days are fairly common.


Those are all Lobster Pots (traps) -- and they belong to one man, and one boat!   These guys work!!


Many have paid the price !

Bluenose II (Built here in Lunenburg and named after the most famous fishing vessel ever under sail - BLUENOSE)

Here's a test for those in Savannah who dine at the Plimsoll Club!   Know what those white markings above the water line are?

--- and when little French Canadian kids aren't in school, here's how they occupy their time in Nova Scotia.   (Mom was a 10!!)


This is a country of rugged coastlines, and quiet coves, and here's just another sign  that they're greeting us with open arms ---

--- for those of you not in the know, you've just discovered the "H" in WHUdunit, and these folks knew it all along!!

A few more shots of this tranquil area, and there's just no way that pictures do justice to the quiet beauty.   Even when fog shrouded, it's gorgeous country!

We discover The Ross Farm, which is now maintained by the Province of Nova Scotia as a museum.    It was built in 1817, and pretty well depicts the life of the NS farmer in those days.   A big crop was flax for linens.

The Ross Farm School (and Patty as potential Marm)

Patty and Grace compare their shopping habits (and items) with the days of The Peddler's Wagon.   He appeared at Ross Farm once a month!


Driving out to Peggy's Cove we stop at the Memorial & Park done by the people of Nova Scotia in memory of those lost in the Swissair (Flt#111) disaster in 1998, and as a tribute to the men and women of the coastal towns who responded in the search and rescue and recovery efforts.

Foggy looking out to sea, but still moving, and memorable!

Eventually, we get to Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, and manage to get there in time to enjoy The Buskers, on the waterfront.   This is the 15th year that they've appeared in Halifax, and they are clearly a favorite of the kids.   There are 30 acts by all sorts of street entertainers, and it is a fun atmosphere, and a great family time!

If you look closely at the next one, you'll see 5 year old Emil holding up a Cheer box, to exhort the crowd reaction to the musical shenanigans of the other kids brought in to the act!   Great kid!   (Good Promo for Cheer!)

--- and just to prove that Nova Scotia kids and parents respond as well to rules as folks in the U.S. !

Patty is really into it!!!

We check out Fisherman's Cove at Dartmouth

We move on -- and I'm about to experience my greatest hour since hitting the shores of NS!    We decide to stop in a little coastal area called Clam Harbour, where each year they have a sand sculpting competition on the beach.   We're a little early.   Only a few of the sculptors have arrived.   However, the CBC Television remote crew of Colleen Jones and Steve, the cameraman, are there doing a simulcast.  

 Colleen is a dynamite, perky thing, and I've found a new pal in Nova Scotia!   (Since posting this, I've learned that Colleen is a terrific athlete as well, who, among other things, has been the Canadian Women's Curling Champion for several years!)

She could wipe out The Today Show in a shot !!!


Just before we jumped on the ferry at North Sydney, we stopped in to visit the only Gaelic College in North America which is situated nearby, and we were there just in time to enjoy a CEILIDH ("Party" in Gaelic), with a few renditions of Gaelic music, including vocals, bagpipe, fiddle, etc.

--- and this one goes out to our old pal "Robert The Bruce" Barstow, and don't you know we picked up a little something for the old boy.         (Heavy emphasis on "little" !)

Can't you see Bruce on the end of one of these machines??

  We'll be back in Nova Scotia on the 24th of August.   We still have The Cabot Trail on Cape Breton to do, and we have been pressured into stopping for lunch at The Celtic Lodge by the Etheridges , and the Hennesseys!   Wish they were treating!!   For now, though, we're off for Newfoundland, via ferry -- about 14 hours worth.   My little set of wheels is loving the exposure to all these great spots, and is it ever great to have the luggage space!


Nova Scotia #1             Nova Scotia #2         Prince Edward Island

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