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NOVA SCOTIA  -- "for Doers & Dreamers"


That's what they say here - and we may well have found a rival with Australia and New Zealand for great folks!

Nova Scotia #2, following our trip to Newfoundland


Friday 8/24 - Back in Nova Scotia after a memorable and too short visit to Newfoundland.   It truly is a beautiful province, and like Nova Scotia, because it's an island, there really seems to be a special feeling that you sense from its residents.   The people in both provinces take a special pride in their area.   You hear it in their radio personalities, you sense it with any folks you have contact with -- it is very appealing!   We've previously  made arrangements to spend a couple of nights at Gisele's in Baddeck - a good headquarters out of which to work The Cabot Trail.

A scene from Baddeck !

The Cabot Trail is as described - and like other areas that we've traveled these past few weeks, beautiful, yet impossible to truly capture on film.

Max does the off road bit again so that we can experience Meat Cove, at the very northern tip of Cape Breton Island via The Trail !

Cape Breton Island continues to offer gorgeous views as we continue our counterclockwise loop of The Cabot Trail --

A few farewell shots before we leave Nova Scotia

--- and we're off for Prince Edward Island !


Nova Scotia #1         Nova Scotia #2         Prince Edward Island