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If you're ever in Walpole, WA, treat yourself to a boat trip with Gary Muir

   Now I realize that these pictures don't make much sense if you haven't experienced Gary's antics, but he is very knowledgeable about Australia's history, and can have you alternating between laughter and tears with his renditions via poetry and stories that give even more impact to his presentation.   He is an incredibly bright, articulate, energetic and entertaining young man!   We head for Albany, and enjoy great scenery enroute - still on the Southern Ocean coast of Western Australia.

                      Climbing over spectacular dunes to reach even more beautiful secluded  beaches, occasionally encountering beauty in the form of White Pelicans, or The Christmas Tree shrub, which blooms in profusion at Christmas, and fortunately for us, -- later.    After another great Aussie meal, this time at The Albany Hotel, and a quiet evening, we head out early for Esperance.    Now I've been telling Patty about this little seaside town, and it's people, since returning from my trip in 2001.   Can it possibly live up to my description??    The drive over is beautiful - coming in on  their Great Ocean Drive.    Then "downtown" punctuated by the first view of the "Bay of Isles" (more on that later!!),  and by Patty's favorite trees -- The Norfolk Pines!



When I was in Esperance before, it was their spring, and wildflowers abounded.   Now it's late summer ---


Not too shabby!

Before we head out for Cape Le Grand National Park, and Lucky Bay, who should appear at our motel door but Esperance's answer to fishing -- Dave Cowap!    I had sent word that we were back in town -- and it was great to see him again -- truly a great bloke!

Now while Dave and I were swapping stories, a new young bloke appeared on the scene -- with his sister!    Now Dave and I have two new mates!   


Meet Brook!    Dave and I were sitting at the deep end of the pool, so Brook was very carefully watching out for Olivia, as he brought her down to introduce us.    So, here's Olivia!  These two handsome youngsters were on holiday with their Mum & Dad from up Kalgoorlie way (I think Kambalda - but if I'm wrong, I hope Brook forgives me.)    Patty and I had the chance to meet their folks later -- what a great Aussie family!

Now to Cape Le Grand and Lucky Bay.    Some say (and I'd agree) that these are the most beautiful (and sparsely populated!) beaches in the world!   First, the approach, and then the beaches!

I know you've probably had enough of Lucky Bay, but I will never get enough of it.   It's really magic!   It's hard to do an encore after Lucky Bay -- there is another beauty right "next door" called Rossitter Bay, and I have pictures of that as well, but I'll spare you!   So, we returned to that great little village of Esperance, grabbed a great lunch at our favorite little bakery there, then back to the Best Western, packed, finished off the evening with another great dinner there (ain't no bad food in Oz!), bid our hosts Gail & Ron farewell (for THIS trip) and hit the rack!    We're off at 5 AM to get a running start on The Nullarbor.    Our hope is to get to the WA/SA Border Village before dusk - that's close to 1000 Km.

                   Come on with us -- it's the start of Week 4!

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