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June 2005   If you were keeping up with this old website, you know that I promised to take Patty to Alaska in 2005.    I kept my word!    If you care to check it out, just click on "Alaska 2005" above.    Oh -- and now, a special welcome to the great gang from "The Spirit of Discovery"!    My apologies for not yet completing it -- but please revisit in a month or so, and hopefully, I'll be back on track.   Cheers!


June 2004  Had a great fly fishing trip to Ron Hayes' Alaska Rainbow Lodge, with our son, Bob.    It was a great trip, had some terrific results, and overall just a terrific time at what has to be one of the premier spots for this kind of activity.     Now that I've been home long enough to let my old knees recover from wading, climbing across tundra, and crawling in and out of DeHaviland Beavers, I've managed to get with it, and show you, as well as tell you, a bit about this adventure!    Just click on "Alaska June 2004".

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