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Check Out The Michigan Anglims !

A little ballgame on Pop's 70th birthday - May 27, 2006

( -- and don't miss the Anglim's Labor Day 2005 appearance at Tybee Island, GA, found under the "Savannah" section!   See "Skimmer Joe"!)

Time flies, kids grow up, and here's the B&W version of the Anglim kids at Glenwood Beach -- Summer of 2004   (Credit Tracey McManus for the great photography!)         L-R  Joey, Jake, Allie, Kaleigh, Tommy

They even allowed Mema & Pops to sit in!

---- before that, we visited them in Rochester Hills in April 2004 (Easter!)

 Kaleigh is growing up!!    So is Jake!!

Little did we realize the wacky impact our Aussie Wiggles hats would have on these otherwise mild mannered children! (Click on pics to enlarge)

Meet one of Daimler's key execs!

We are School Dignitaries

Click on pictures to enlarge shots of "The Keglers"!

Gene & Joey

Everybody Hops on Pops!   Poor Pops!

(Some shots are ageless!)

The REAL Explorers !

Allie & Joey in residence at The Beachhouse

Up the creek with the Glenwood Gang!


Further up the creek!

-- then, fun in the tub!

AKA "Kiwi Tommy"

Checkin' out the new neighborhood!

We are the new kids on the block!   We're so cool!

Stay tuned for more on the Anglims!

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