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--- and Welcome to The Landings on  Skidaway Island, Georgia

(also, see our new addition of "Welcome to Tybee Island", which follows - in fact, you'll enjoy seeing some shots of our visitors to Tybee in 2007! )

Here are a couple more birds ----


Every day is a little different!

An Aussie Mate asked to see our digs (I guess to see if we'd have room to put 'em up!)  Here's a look at 10 Windwalk Lane from front & rear --  come see us, we've got plenty of room, and always have room for Aussies or Kiwis!

Our place is on the upper left, behind the trees

There's lots to do ---

-- whether you're coming or going!

-- and here's the August 2003 Grand Gang!

Before Grandkids                              After Grandkids!

- - - and now Welcome to Tybee Island, a great spot just 35 minutes from our front door, where we now have a condominium on the beach.     Here are a few shots of Tybee, with more to follow.   The Grandchildren have given it a "thumbs up"!

Cockspur Lighthouse, Tybee Lighthouse, and Tybee Island by air


The first gang to visit us are the Michigan Anglims, and they come for a long Labor Day week and weekend, 2005!

October 2005 and the Idaho Ulmers take on Tybee!     (Don't forget to double click on images to bring them up to size, and then hit back arrow to return.)


- - - and just in time to take on the festivities for The Annual Pirates Weekend!





We had a great year for visitors in 2007!    Check it out ----

The Hardies & John Ulmer from California:


Charlie Hall & young Charlie from Cincinnati:

Young Charlie is a "thumbs up" kind of guy!

Julie & John Beimler, along with John Alden & Henry make the scene!!

Mary & Bruce Wright, bring Tabitha & Hollie to the U.S. - - all the way from Tasmania!



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